Monday, 26 July 2010

Summer is bleeehhhhhh and got my first wacom tablet

Hey guys hows your summer going? Mines just quiet crappy at the moment but I;m just hanging on with my art (which is a good thing) but I'm quiet frustrated with ideas at the moment cos every sketch I make is just the same techniques over and over again. I wish I could change my own style but somehow I've struggled a lot because of it and I have been looking back at my old magazines of Imagine FX for inspiration. In the meantime though I've got my first wacom tablet of wacom bamboo with pen (without the touch). I've shouldn't have this like January cos I'm getting into it, even though I don't have a proper software yet due to have spent my hard saved money on photoshop CS4 that just don't work in a day (wish I could find the guy who framed me and kill him) but all is not lost. I'm using a trial version of painter 11 and I'm loving it so far. I was gonna try and save money for painter 11 but right now I'm paying with the bills for my new contract phone which is a blackberry 8900. Yes I am having fun with the tablet and even the trial version of painter 11 which you could say that I'm more better using it then photoshop, but I got like less then 15 days to use it so I gotta spend a lot of time experimenting the mediums and also my own colouring techniques when using painter. So without further ado here are the photo's. Hope you'll see how much progress of my work in the coming months.
Take care :)