Wednesday, 21 December 2011

sorry for not posting often

Hey peeps sorry I haven't been posting for a month or so, been busy with college work and so on. I got no art to post as of yet I'm still learning to digital paint while doing projects at college, as far as that goes. So for this post here's a vid I've somehow stumble apon on twitter it's about Pascal Campion on his life about being a artist with his goals of achivement, I think I haven't seen this vid for so long lol. Enough talk take a look at the vid for the first time on my blog :D

Inspirational Artists: Pascal Campion from Onyx Cinema, Inc. on Vimeo.

Hope it works >_<

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

late post 2...I think

It's been a while like over a month or so since I've posted anything. Been really busy in a college life as we know it, which is why I haven't been drawing much other than in college so this is why I suck at independent time management >_<. I have been to the expo last month but I don't know when I'm actually gonna write bout' it, hench the fact I've got a few art books that are really cool.

K I'm blabling so much which is why I tend to type a lot when my brain is telling me what to type lool.
Nothing exciting just a still life drawing for now but will paint it when I wake up...or whenever ¬_¬.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Quick night sketch

Hey all just a quick sketch before bed. Sorry for not posting been ill last week but all better now :).

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lei Lei darkstalkers colour practice

It's a wip folks, I know it's not quiet done yet but I'm just trying to get into colouring on cs5 right before I can really get to gear on my own techniques on digital painting. The line art is done by one of my favorite artist Stanley Lau who works at Imaginary friends in Singapore, which is a cool studio that does all sorts of art of course. I've been ill from this week but hopefully will finish throughout the weekend sp no rush (I hope).

Sunday, 2 October 2011

W.I.P (work in process for short)

Just a sketch, will add more detail on it tomorrow or during the week if I got time.

New stuff but weak at the moment

Hey all got some new stuff to show but I'm weak in digital painting at the moment but I've just started, so no making bad judgements please.

                                                                     Apple painting

Model painting

Saturday, 27 August 2011

CG sketch 1

Something I did before I sleep, just need to sketch something quiet quick while take my time on it.

Will paint it in the morning or whenever I wake up :).

CG still life 1

This is just practice. Getting used to the buttons on sbp 11 but reeaaaalllyyyy need to use it everyday, if I want to become a concept artist.

My sketch of my sharpener...wish I could work more on it :(

figure practice

Value sketch done in sketchbook pro 11

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sketchbook pro 2011 tryout

Hey all I got a new software a few days back called sketchbook pro and it's a good software for drawing/painting. I'm such a newbie at digital painting (really) so I'm waaaaaay behind of mastering the craft at the computer screen, which is why I wanted to become a concept artist when using different digital art software's so I have to start with sketchbook pro.

Now mind you these are my first scribbles so I really need to use it to improve on digital painting, so there's more to come.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Sketches &...PAINTINGS!

Hey all here's some pictures of sketches and also a few (traditional) portraits I've been messing around with. Now mind you that I haven't used acrylics since I've stepped out of Lambeth college, also I was feeling rusty when I went back to the tradtional style of painting and also this is not a surprise cos I do feel kinda lacking on value, texture and tones. But I did kinda have fun when painting and will "hopefully" improve on traditional painting, as I move down to digital art very soon.

Here are the photo's (sorry for the crapy shots.

The sketches (practicing with shading, some life drawings, basics of cars/portraits for paintings and ...GUUUUURRRLLLLSSSS :)

The paintings

Thats all for now, now I gotta sleep but seems that I couldn't last night. Don't know why :(.
Good night.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

New sketches ( the A4 kind)

Hey all here is a page I did in the past hour or so.

Will sketch more if i'm not very distracted with the internet.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New sketch works

Hey all, summers here (bored to death already) so here's this weeks sketches (with a few Hitomi practice sketches).

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hitomi Kitamura sketch figures

Hey all late post (I know) but what the hey. Anyways yesterday morning I woke up in WTF o'clock
then I decided to draw a Gravure model (swimsuit in japanese I think) name Hitomi Kitamura. She is soooo damn hot she as a body to die for I tell ya lol, so I did two figure sketches to try and make it as small as possible to fit both figures in a small page, then also learn how to shade cause my shading really suuuuuucks, lol.

Here's a sketch, will do anotherone probably in the morning depending on my mood, enjoy :).

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tattoo model (line art progress)

Hello there just wanted to post a few snaps of my tatto model progress. I brought a tattoo mag with a stunning model that got my attention, but that's not the only reason but also there's amazing tattoos of every subject matter of pin-ups,guitars ect.

Enough blabering here are the snap shots.

Also there's gonna be a strike of the jobs here in London so there's gonna be no lessons but I can still come in and do stuff to get finished.

Hope you enjoy and have a good night :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Skecth for a day

A sketch of Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Hope you like :)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

My influence meme

I know that I'm not apart of Deviantart but I always wanted to show on what I'm influenced/inspired by, so here's a meme about it :).

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New sketches

Hey all sketches from a past few months.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Excel London mcm expo 2011

Hey blogger dudes and dudeettes it's kinda been a while. Yesterday is a great day cause me, one of my old buddies from my old college and some of her friends from uni went to east London Excel. The event is an all for people who love Comic books, films, Anime/manga and cosplay, so basically it's all aged grouped or people who love this stuff and me and my old/new friends like em lol. So it's starts of with the morning where I wake up, took a shower then waited for one of my old college friends known as Samantha, she meet me at my place and went to the train so we can talk and catch up on certain stuff. Once we were at the dlr we had to get off at East India which is close to the excel, so she was looking for a ATM machine and she couldn't get any money out cause she says that the machine in the shop needs to pay like an extra £1.60 to take her money, so then she went kinda pissed but we managed to get on the train that we wanted cause we need to switch different trains to the excel. At our reaching point Samantha needed to call her uni friends know as Reese, he's a cool dude of course, once she made the call we somehow looked up where there at the oyster ticket point (where theres a ticket machine to swipe in and out on every journey). So then we head inside and get the ticket for the event. At the LOOONGEST queues of queues like the first quarter Samantha still needed some money, so she asked me to get some money for her at the atm so she can pay the ticket for herself. She gave me her card and I had to go half way of the excel building just to get downstares and once I went downstares to queue I was kinda getting frustrated cause I needed to get back to the queue quicker, but I knew that is impossible. So I wated like 30 to 35 minutes, got the money out and had to walk the way up stares to get back to where I started. So I was in the queue, by myself and I wated at least 45 to an hour just so I can get to my friends, but the problem is that the queue was sooooo bloody long like at least 5 rows. In probably the first I had to call Samantha where she and her friends are and they told me that they are close to the ticket booth, 20 minutes later she called me to tell where I am and I was probably still at the first row. Second row later she kept calling me like more then 10 times to actually jump out the queue, so I could meet them close to the booth. 15th call and it was my last chance so I could jump out the queue and walk all the way to the way and pass 5 long rows (without people get pissed off just I jump and cross the line). Then somehow I happened to jump out and managed to meet Samantha at to where theres a number 2 on the wall, one of her friends somehow let the staff know that I'm in the line and told them that I had sickle cell (they look out for me but never knew there super nice) so we walked to one of the staff got the wrist-bands and went through, then I had to pay sams other friend melvin a tenner cause he payed my ticket so at least thats looking out for me. Ok once thats done we headed straight to the expo, looked around and went to different booths. I wanted to see an UK anime artist Sonia Leong for the second time (I last meet her in person back in 09) but she was no where to be found, so we went out and looked around some more. After that we had lunch, went to the atm to take money out for myself and still a bloody long queue. Got 3 things (which you see some photo's) went to see Sams other friend and heading straight home. God it was fun but I didn't see Sonia Leong :'''''(, but never mind will probably see her (maybe in October) and hopfully see someone else if I get a chance. Ok I need to stop typing cause my hands are starting to hurt a bit and show you the pics. Sorry no skecthes/finished works as of yet I'm trying to complete my animation works just so I can get it done right before the end of year show (hope I will finish it). Hope you like the photo's, it's not that many but just short and sweet.
Take care :).

Sub-zero, Jade and Scorpion from mortal kombat.
Need to get the new game that's out now.

I don't know what she's cosplaying as but she has a very cute costume on ^^

It's them Mario and Luigi from The super Mario bros game series

Kazuya and Jin from Tekken namco games series

Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7

Two girls from x-men...wel at least one of em are.

Ok so that's all the cosplay done lets look at the stuff that I got, now mind you I had a minimum of stuff so....

Here it is, just a figure of Nami from an popular manga/anime series One Piece, an canvas of marvel heroes and a transformers wallet with a chain. Now for the close-ups of Nami from one piece.

The front view

Right side view

Quarter view

And finally the back view (she has a bootyful backside ain't she ^^ lo0l)