Saturday, 27 August 2011

CG sketch 1

Something I did before I sleep, just need to sketch something quiet quick while take my time on it.

Will paint it in the morning or whenever I wake up :).

CG still life 1

This is just practice. Getting used to the buttons on sbp 11 but reeaaaalllyyyy need to use it everyday, if I want to become a concept artist.

My sketch of my sharpener...wish I could work more on it :(

figure practice

Value sketch done in sketchbook pro 11

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sketchbook pro 2011 tryout

Hey all I got a new software a few days back called sketchbook pro and it's a good software for drawing/painting. I'm such a newbie at digital painting (really) so I'm waaaaaay behind of mastering the craft at the computer screen, which is why I wanted to become a concept artist when using different digital art software's so I have to start with sketchbook pro.

Now mind you these are my first scribbles so I really need to use it to improve on digital painting, so there's more to come.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Sketches &...PAINTINGS!

Hey all here's some pictures of sketches and also a few (traditional) portraits I've been messing around with. Now mind you that I haven't used acrylics since I've stepped out of Lambeth college, also I was feeling rusty when I went back to the tradtional style of painting and also this is not a surprise cos I do feel kinda lacking on value, texture and tones. But I did kinda have fun when painting and will "hopefully" improve on traditional painting, as I move down to digital art very soon.

Here are the photo's (sorry for the crapy shots.

The sketches (practicing with shading, some life drawings, basics of cars/portraits for paintings and ...GUUUUURRRLLLLSSSS :)

The paintings

Thats all for now, now I gotta sleep but seems that I couldn't last night. Don't know why :(.
Good night.