Monday, 24 January 2011

No works yet but got some new inspiration

Yo to whoever reads this, the new year has arrived and things are quiet shaping up compare to last year, but anyways i'm still going strong. Being at a new college is somehow quiet challenging but I did learn art for the past five years so I needed to learn new things if I needed to get to illustration.
Thus far I'm doing a course call creative computing since September and I'm starting to learn a lot from photoshop and other softwares (even though I've been stuck using the same techniques of cust and past in photoshop for the past few years) so I'm about to turn the new leaf I hope.

Today I've got a new book which I've ordered from amazon called CFSL.NET which stands for cafe sale in french and it is worth a read if my brain is in a certain art block. I will get more of these artbooks cos there worth the money and inspiration looking at these french artist and the whole world of artists collide in one book.

Heres the photo's from my blackberry ^^

This book is great for inspiration wherever your doing any kind of art or starting out and I recommend it. I won't be posting my sketches (nor that I was suppose to show) But for now this is my first post since I've got my first tablet, but for now enjoy these pages :D.

Oh before I go Happy new year^^