Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy new year

Hey peeps hope you had a good Christmas & a Happy new year. Just wanted to post something for the new year and it's not an art post. Why? cos I'm still pretty much doing the college work that's suppose to be done like now but I haven't really started it cos I've became really ill during December :(. So i'm posting a video instead.

This is about certain DJ's remixing some tracks that is original and some how remix it up to a whole different level. Have a look to get a better view.

Hope you like the video it's not mine really I've just found it at vimeo which is a cool website for artist, animators and so on. Will post some artwork soon if  I have less time. In the meantime watch this clip.


Walking on Eggshells: Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age from Brendan Schlagel on Vimeo.