Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hi there I'm new

erm hey guys...I'm new here so can I introduce myself? My name is David and I live in London. I'm a art student in lambeth college studying art in BTEC Nationals and I'm hoping to go to University to study Illustration so I can do my dream job to be a comic book artists neat huh :).
On my spare time I draw,play my computer game, going out west end and so on. The most good part of my life is hanging out with my best friends which they are at University now doing game design (hope there doing well). so yeah I maybe lonely now but I do also have friends in college which there cool to me :).
I won't write this blog for awhile because I'm doing my essay on my art history which I have to send it in tomorrow and I have'nt started it yet but Hope I can finish it by tomorrow.
I'll show you my photo's of me then even my room I got a HD t.v in my room that used to be in the living room because my dad as got a new t.v which is about 54 inches so I'll post up photo's if I got time and I'll also post up my art work on my blog which I hope you'll like.

Take care :)

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