Thursday, 14 April 2011

back from the future

Hey all I've went back to DA ( and just wanted to show my 'giggles' horendous work when I was studing art for the past five years. When I was fourteen I've first discovered Joe Mad at a American magazine (which was imported to sell in the UK) known as PSM and when I first looked at the cover of the magazine I was so hooked by Joe's style of comic art, which that he did some really cool computer game covers of various characters that every game was announed or even a lengedary chacacters that we all know and love. And once I discovered about a game called devil may cry from capcom (at the same time seeing Joe Mad) my childhood dreams somehow returned of wanting to become a comic book artist. Around that time I had an idea of making a comic book of my own based of devil may cry, but with my own version of course. Back then I wasn't a good artist back in my teens but usually I did got access to buy marvel comics at a local shop to get me inspired. Then I was watching a movie called romeo must die with Jet Li and Aliyah (rest in piece Aliyah), then the title came to my head and I named my first comic 'demon must die'.
In 2007 rounding up my third year I have been drawing characters and yes they still needed some work, but I will draw them up though I don't know when -_-;.

So here is, not the main heroin but soon to be an attractive character misty.

I did this in markers when I was admitted in hospital, or was it before??? Anyway I don't know when I will be doing more on my personal project but sadly I'm still on a process of improvement on stuuuufffff, so there you go lol. I am on a thinking process on doing a comic of it though even it's hard for me to come back to it cos I gotta do the process of the concept deep enough to do this (probably going back to my old comic books for bringing me memories on how I think about my version of the comic, if that make sense). Anyways hope you like, there are more characters I swear so I'll be back with probably some concepts if I can actually work on it.

BYE :)

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