Monday, 11 April 2011

New book and half term YAY!!!

Hey all been a while since my last post been busy with college and it was At the last week been doing the last minute of animation (doing onion-skining and will show process this week), done the presentation of flying cars somehow of any kind but everyone is nervious even me when talking to the whole classmates but hey I had fun. Other then that I've got a new book to scribble with known as George Bridgman. It is an amazing book to learn various stuff such as hands, feet, heads and so on, it is an excillent book to learn these kind of stuff where as I'm stuggling with drawing hands and what not. Also my A5 sketchbook is close to it's limit so I might get a new one after two weeks.

So here are the sketches I've done in a last month or so :).

Some British Museeum works

Some scribbles

More scribbles and Natalie Portman

Last but not least...George Bridgman sketches

Hope you enjoy and if your in the UK enjoy the sunshine, if it's warm this week :)

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